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We Defend Your Work

Copyright and trade secret protection are two important tools our firm provides to help you protect your intellectual property. Whether you’re looking to safeguard a particular expression of an idea or want to protect sensitive business information, our firm can investigate your options, provide strategic counsel and concrete legal services to help you reach your goals.

Protecting Expression

Copyright protection may be acquired for original works of authorship, which can include amongst other things books, movies, musical and artistic works, website content, computer software and architecture. We can provide multifaceted help for any aspect of a copyright concern, including:

  • Determining originality and authorship
  • Registering works with the U.S. Copyright Office
  • Enforceability of an existing copyright
  • Investigating and prosecuting infringement claims

Our firm is committed to protecting your original work and will tailor a strategy according to your individual needs. Call 952-476-0580 to schedule a consultation with an attorney to discuss your needs.

Protecting Business Secrets

At Schroeder & Siegfried, P.A., our Minnesota firm counsels clients about how they can best shield themselves from a potential information breach that could compromise business. Depending on your circumstances, we can counsel your business on such matters as:

  • Protecting existing trade secrets
  • Reducing vulnerability within an organization
  • Taking action against former employees who may have violated the company’s trust

Even if you’re not sure whether you have a valid intellectual property claim, we’re happy to speak with you during your free 30-minute consultation and determine your best steps for moving forward.

We Welcome Intellectual Property Inquiries

Don’t let the fruits of your hard work fall to someone else. To discuss your specific intellectual property law concern with a lawyer, call 952-476-0580 for more information, or get in touch online to schedule your appointment at our Wayzata office.