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Keeping Your Brand Safe In The Marketplace

At Schroeder & Siegfried, P.A., we are committed to protecting your ideas and providing a solid legal foundation for moving forward. To that end, we provide a full spectrum of legal services to help you foster the success of your trademark while protecting it from the potential perils of becoming too popular.

What We Can Do

Our Minnesota firm can advise you on concrete steps you can take to make sure your trademark remains distinct while not succumbing to unfair competition from others who would cash in on your ingenuity. In service of that goal, our firm can assist with:

  • Conducting a trademark search
  • Choosing a brand name
  • Registering the brand name worldwide
  • Maintaining registration
  • Trademark and domain name disputes
  • Monitoring for and prosecuting infringement
  • Trademark licensing and enforcement

In addition, our firm can also advise businesses on ways they can prevent their brand names from losing distinctiveness or becoming generic in a way that could hurt market value. Similarly, we are committed to protecting our clients’ ideas from being used unfairly by others for commercial gain. We would be happy to discuss your intellectual property concerns and come up with a strategic plan for your individual situation that keeps you protected in the marketplace.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Our Wayzata-based firm, serving the greater Minneapolis, Minnesota area and Upper Midwest region is ready to defend your interests in personal or business intellectual property matters. To schedule your free 30-minute consultation with an attorney, call us today at 952-476-0580 or contact us using our online form.