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Protecting Your Ideas

Attorney Brian Schroeder is admitted to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and is available to provide comprehensive patent management and portfolio services to individual and business clients. Our firm would be honored to evaluate your needs and provide astute legal guidance no matter what type of patent issue you are facing.

Patent Advocacy Every Step Of The Way

At Schroeder & Siegfried, P.A., our Minnesota firm is committed to protecting the intellectual property of our clients. We provide strong and informed legal guidance to clients with a variety of patent concerns, including issues related to:

  • Due diligence investigations
  • Pre-filing questions
  • Patent application prosecution (U.S. and foreign)
  • Patent validity and infringement
  • Patent licensing and enforcement
  • Ownership or inventorship disputes

We also offer our services over time to help you manage your patent portfolio. We can evaluate your individual patent needs and provide a tailored solution to help you meet your goals.

A Focus On Technology

We have a long history of securing utility and design patents for our clients, covering technology in the fields of medical instrumentation, plastic and rubber components/assemblies, computer (hardware and software), soil drainage/erosion control, water management, ammunition and firearms, filtration and much more.

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Our Wayzata intellectual property law firm can advise you on how best to proceed to protect your ideas. To schedule your consultation with a lawyer, call 952-476-0580, or reach out to us online to find out how to start putting protections in place.